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Business Intelligence Solutions aim to address complex business issues by providing knowledge workers with easy access to the right information, at any time, from any place within the organization. Utilizing Business Intelligence technologies, knowledge workers are empowered to spend more time analyzing information and less time gathering data. When Business Intelligence solutions are implemented at the enterprise level, organizations are able to efficiently and cost effectively transform data from various disparate sources into useable information. The Business Intelligence solution then drives the mission critical decisions for your organization.

In order to achieve this level of information integration and availability, it is imperative to start with an “architectural blueprint” which serves as a roadmap for building the Business Intelligence framework. Saber Consulting will assist you in creating this framework via our Business Intelligence Strategic Planning Service.

Business Intelligence Strategic Planning Service

Saber’s Business Intelligence Strategic Planning Service provides the critical planning phase required to identify enterprise business intelligence information needs for today and into the future. The Strategic Planning Service includes the development of the following deliverables:

  • Business Objectives with key performance metrics
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Models
  • Baseline Architecture assessment
  • Data Access and Delivery strategy
  • Data Warehouse Administration strategy
  • Technology evaluation (Build vs. Buy)
  • A Target Architecture plan describing the future environment
  • A Phased Migration Plan (from Baseline to Target)
  • A Prototype of a selected subject area (Optional)

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