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Businesses and consumers rely upon electronic means to both distribute and obtain timely information. The digital world eliminates the boundaries of time and space and allows business to respond faster to market requirements Afiniti Software Pvt Ltd e-Business solutions solve the complexities associated with many aspects of e-business.

With growing numbers of users buying over the Internet, ecommerce web site has become a necessity for a successful business. We have an enviable expertise in the e-commerce website development. We regularly update ourselves to latest trends and new technologies in ecommerce services to provide our clients with the most reliable and secure ecommerce websites.

With the security built into today's browsers and with digital certificates now available for individuals and companies from Verisign, a certificate issuer, much of the early concern about the security of business transaction on the Web has abated and e-business by whatever name is accelerating.

e-commerce services for the Financial industry such as financial institutions, marketing and CRM solutions to give your customers more ways than ever to access your products and services and tie together your diverse channels

Retail solutions that integrates with operations to offer additional selling channels and a seamless multi-channel experience.


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